Review: Final Protocol

Final Protocol

@shilohwalker #bookreview darkly erotic and delightfully depraved.

Final Protocol by J.C. Daniels

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

New erotically dark series from talents Ms. Daniels starts off with an arousing bang.  Silence is an assassin with a kill switch.  She is at the mercy of her master who uses her to kill of targets as well as satiate his dark sexual desires.  Gold, the only name her master goes by enjoys breaking every bone in her body and sexually violating every hole.  He's twisted Silence so much that she even begs for the pain as her body sings in pleasure at his sadistic hands. 

When it comes to creating evil villains, Ms. Daniels does a stunning job with Gold.  There is nothing redeeming about this man and this is unusual for her.  Her evil villains usually have some kind of motive which brings their evil intent into question.  Not so for Gold, so far in this sci-fi tale.  This first book in the series spends time with world building and providing the backstory of how Silence came to existence.  It's a teaser meant to pull readers in to want more.  I've been pulled in and I want to read the next book.  I want to know what happens with Silence and her new found ally. 
The tale is told from Silence's point of view.  It's a nice balance between her thoughts and actions.  She's never whiny which is a big relief.  Instead, she's focused and slightly suicidal.  She has good reason to be and really, she has nothing to live for and that's why she's so dangerous.  Gold is obviously too power drunk to not realize one of his most deadly toys has nothing to live for which means his life will be forfeit. 

The sex in this book is non-con for the most part and it is disappointing because it hints rather than shows.  Ms. Daniels explores the darker taboo S&M where there are no safewords and the sadist only cares about cruelty.  She does not exploit sex here by describing it graphic detail.  Instead, it's a gentle fade to black which may leave some dark depraved readers unsatisfied.  The hints and glimpses of what Gold does to Silence only piques my interest and spikes my arousal.  It's naughty of me, but I enjoy Silence's rape at the hands of her abhorrent captor.  It's because despite her resistance, her body still enjoys it and she feels terribly guilty afterwards.  This struggle is an elixir for my arousal.  The voyeur in me delights in the violation and thirst for more.  This dark space opera is recommended for kinky readers who enjoy reading about females skilled with knives and guns yet helpless at the hands of an evil mastermind.
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