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Nemesis (FBI Thriller, #19)@PutnamBooks @catherincoulter #Bookreview Fast paced non-stop thriller.

Nemesis by Catherine Coulter

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fast paced non-stop thriller from the talented Ms. Coulter is fabulous.  Nemesis starts off with a heart pounding scene.  Sherlock is tired and waiting at the airport security line, looking forward to returning home.  Instead of the usual mundane TSA frisking, a suicide bomber threatens to blow everyone up with a grenade.  Sherlock is not a bleating sheep.  She's a sheepdog ready to defend and boy does she take this terrorist down.  This kicks off a new case for her with the world watching her every move.  For the first time in a long while, Sherlock is flying solo sans her husband Savich.

Ms. Coulter does a great job of pulling in current events into this thriller.  Some may find it too provocative and cry racism.  I found it to be spot on.  The motives behind the terrorist are well detailed in this book.  Instead of labeling all Muslims as crazy jihadist who need to be slaughtered, Ms. Coulter shows how it's specific people who are the cause of this madness.  Their motives can be blind faith, greed or hubris.  Each one is plausible and realistic.  It's also sad to see how some are forced into committing crimes in order to save the lives of others.

What I like about this series is how there are always two different cases going on at the same time.  Usually they are somehow related.  In the last few, Ms. Coulter is moving away from cased which are tied together and creating totally unrelated cases.  She still cleverly ties in a central theme to pull it all together and I'm impressed. 

The second plot to this story deals with Savich and his increasing cases involving unexplainable psychic phenomenon.  His case deals with murder and magic, specifically with Wicca magic which should be "white" magic.  This time husband and wife dynamic duo are separated and have to work on their cases independent of each other.  Both are targeted by their respective perpetrators.  Both cases involve fanatics of a religion.  This is what makes the book come together in a cohesive manner.  I loved it. 

The characters in this book are all well developed.  I always love Savich and Sherlock.  The antagonists in the story for their respective cases are interesting.  Why they commit the crime and their elaborate schemes are what keeps a reader's attention on this book.  I could not put it down and ended up reading this book all in one sitting.

The pace of this book is fast as events unfold quickly.  I enjoyed this pace and I can see this as a movie.  The descriptions of the places as well as incorporating details of sound and smell helped make this book come alive for me.  The compassion both Savich and Sherlock show to the ones who were forced to commit an atrocious act is heartwarming.  This highly anticipated book delivers and is recommended to suspense lovers who enjoy bouncing between two well developed plots.

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