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Red QueenRed Queen by Aurelia T. Evans

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Hawt forced submission. BDSM. Werewolf, vampire, rough sex, bondage, what's not to like? This is a straightforward book filled with delicious erotic chemistry between three strong and deadly predators.

Eden Farrow is the Red Queen. Known as the Queen of Hearts who makes her top males fall in love with her, she is still a woman in a man's world. This Queen of Hearts will easily do more than shout, "off with their heads". She'll do the dirty deed herself. Even when Eden is in a position of submission, she can still forcefully take control.

Ms. Evans is a new to me author and she's one I'm going to keep my eye one. The graphic nature of this story gives me an adrenaline rush. The raw animalistic force when Antony and Luca take her on is riveting. Whilst this story warns readers of horror and gore, it's not really that bad. For those who loved Kill Bill, this story is for you. For those who enjoy bloodplay between vampires and werewolves, this story is for you. The BDSM in this story is edgy and seductive. I creamed in my panties as soon as Antony and Luca decided to show Eden who's boss and who is not. Yes, there is threat of sexual assault and it doesn't take away from the erotic scene. I would argue it pushes the fine line and still makes this story seductively violent.

The character building in this story is fine. The three main characters, Eden, Antony and Luca are uncomplicated and it works because the focus is the action. The action is exquisitely described. The scenes are passionate and resonate at a primal level. This is a bloody, erotic and dominance howling triad. To be caught between these three characters is to invite either doom or rough intense pleasure. This graphic erotica is recommended for kinky paranormal lovers.

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