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Sapiosexual (Suncoast Society, #14)@Tymberdalton #bookreview Chelbie is like a mini-Tilly

Sapiosexual by Tymber Dalton

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

  The Romance Review

Chelbie is a ball of snarky fun. For some, she's an intellectual snob. Chelbie Larson, bestie with Mallory from His Canvas, finally finds her match. It is no surprise it takes two men to keep up with her. Chelbie loves her kinky friends. It's just a bit depressing for her to be without a lover as everyone is paired up. Lucky for her, Mallory is ready to repay Chelbie for the kindness of pushing Mallory to date Kel. When newbie Nick shows up to a bondage 101 class at Venture, he's immediately paired up with Chelbie.

Nick is interested in the lifestyle. He knows he likes control in the bedroom and he also knows it's best when his twin brother Rich is involved. These two brothers are night and day. What's great about them is together, they possess all the traits Chelbie's been searching for in a lover. No stranger to a threesome formation, Chelbie starts a relationship with both of them, nice and easy.

The conflicts in this story I could have done without. I understand why one of the conflicts is in there to kick off the second less dire one. Neither worked for me. Instead, I would have liked to focus on the exploration of kink by newbie dominants Nick and Rich with an experience submissive/bottom helping them. This is a story which would really interest me. The ups and downs of learning how to be a dominant when the submissive is more experienced and probably knows more is rarely shown. What are pitfalls? To see the perspective of the novice dominants would really make this story good and pull in more readers. Perhaps the spouses of avid female kinky readers would find this side of the story helpful and relatable. For submissive or bottoms who are kinky or well read, this insight might give them a better understanding of newbie dominants' fears, concerns and frustration.

From a character perspective, Nick and Rich are delicious studly young dominants. They are mature and definitely spouse material. Chelbie is like a mini-Tilly. It's a bit scary how she channels Tilly and the mouth on this girl is crass. It may be unladylike, but it is certainly funny. There is nothing hidden with Chelbie. She is someone who is transparent and one always knows where they stand with her. This can be refreshing if exhausting.

This kinky romance is recommended for ménage lovers who also enjoy new adult erotica.

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