Review: The Science of Submission

The Science of Submission

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The Science of Submission by Victoria Winters

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Steampunk, spanking and kidnapping are all kinky fun elements to this story.  Ms. Winters is a new to me author who writes a good ageplay story.  Lady Marjorie Hamilton is forced by circumstances to find a man to marry, preferably, a man who will be wrapped around her little finger.  This man is Archibald Westerly.  He's a genius with electronics and with a high future earning potential.  She's close to sealing the deal with a ring on her finger.  The only issue is Archibald's sponsor, Lord Stefan Cavendish.  Lord Cavendish sees through Marjorie immediately and wants to protect his investment.  Fortunately for him, his wealth will help pave the way.

The steampunk part to this story is unfortunately slim.  There is barely enough in here to qualify for a steampunk story.  This is fine because the main focus is the ageplay and it is delicious.  The non-con forcing ofr Marjorie into a little is panty moistening goodness.  Having a nanny involved with harsh spankings and enforced age regression is delightful.  The spanking machine is quite intriguing and a spankophile will drool over it.  The descriptions are vivid and well done.  There is just enough character inner musing to balance out the discipline and humiliating training sessions.  The story flows quite well and a reader is easy pulled into this high seas story.

This is a fun story where two opposing characters find themselves turning into lovers.  Stefan's high handed manner works well to bring the bratty Marjorie under his rule.  The humiliations and erotic lessons for Marjorie are on the light side of dark taboo.  There is nothing in here objectionable.  Ms. Winters does not push the envelope with any nasty nanny discipline or heavy degrading play.  This story does come across as a dub-con erotic romance where enemies turn to lovers.  The sub-plot with a mission and Secret Society is a nice touch and one can only hope there will be more tales in this world Ms. Winters created.  Hopefully there will be more strict Daddies and red bottom little girls or boys.  Recommended for age-play lovers who enjoy a bit of sci-fi fantasy mixed in with their spankings.

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