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Servicing the Target (Masters of the Shadowlands, #10)

Must buy-Highly recommended for femdom lovers and as a BDSM Gateway book @CheriseSinclair #bookreview

Servicing the Target by Cherise Sinclair

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Finally the long awaited femdom book comes from Ms. Sinclair and it's a doozy.  A fan of Ms. Sinclair, her gateway to BDSM books consistently tickle my fancy.  Her dominants are dreamy.  In this one, Mistress Anne takes the lead and she's a strict domme.  Used to submissive boy toys who follow formal protocol, she tries something different when former army ranger Ben asks to submit.

This book pulls me completely in and moves me.  I physically hurt for Anne.  Anne is a complex woman who needs to control her entire environment.  When her past as a military brat is revealed, it explains so much about her kink as well as her need to have everything orderly.  The blatant disrespect she receives from her uncles, cousin and father are astounding.  I'm angry for her and impressed how she keeps the peace.  Her self-control is impressive as she responds to hurtful insults time after time.

There are several times in this story when my heart breaks for a little girl who is treated shabbily by her parents.  It's interesting to note how clueless her parents were and how much she had to keep her feelings locked up and isolated from everyone.  This protective armor is what keeps her going.  In some ways, Anne is an ice maiden with an iron fist.  She doles out pain in a way that is cathartic because it releases her own disappointments and pain.

The BDSM in this story is interesting because it really explores from a dominant perspective.  The reader learns what goes on in the mind of a domme as well as how she came to BDSM.  Surprisingly, Anne starts out as a man-hater who uses sadistic impact play on male slaves as whipping boys for the asshole males in her life.  One would think this would make her a bad domme with issues.  Instead, she's quite level headed about it and as she's come to accept the jerks in both her professional and family life, her need to dole out harsh punishment decreases.

The distinction in this story between a sexual submissive and a slave is well done.  Whilst some may argue against the definitions, I say, forget the semantics and focus on the actions and intent.  It's a lovely compare and contrast between the two.  It's nice to see a Domme who owns her issues and doesn't take it out on others.  It's also lovely to see a Domme who is caring enough to help her previous slaves.  The differences between Joey her previous slave from Ben, her new slave are abundantly clear.  Witnessing Ben who is previously exhibited no kinky leanings change into a strong submissive is a pleasure.  Ms. Sinclair does an excellent job of showing casing an alpha male who enjoy sexual submission.  The way Ben and Anne balance each other and grow together is something many seek.  To see how there are mistakes along the way and yet still, two people who started out with different expectations can negotiate to a new level is what makes this book so good.  It shows that perfection is not required.  People can be flawed, make bad assumptions and still, with the willingness to try, there is a way to see eye to eye.  Ms. Sinclair weaves a lovely tale from beginning to end.

For those expecting a dark cruel sadistic time, this is not going to be it.  Ms. Sinclair does neither cruel nor dark in her books.  Her trademarks loving, trusting and communication are all in full evidence here and it's fabulous to see.  Highly recommended for femdom lovers and as a BDSM Gateway book.

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