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Tempest (Playing the Fool, #3)

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Tempest by Lisa Henry

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

All's well that ends well - or not.  In this final book to the trilogy, Henry and Mac are on the run from both the law and criminals.  The ridiculous situations Henry and Mac find themselves in is unbelievable.  It makes one wonder if Ms. Henry and Ms. Rock purposely try to kill off their characters.  Or perhaps they think men are inherently this stupid.  Or maybe, they are trying to be funny with a tongue in cheek humour.  Whatever it is, my eyes are not believing the words leaping off the pages. The hero of this story is neither Henry nor Mac.  It's Henry's sister who does a little bit of her own twin swapping. 

This is yet another fast paced story where there are betrayals, conspiracies and the truth is finally revealed.  It all comes together when Henry tells Mac how his sister really was damaged and why he is guilty.  The actions of one evil pedophile is what starts this terrible chain of events.  There are more deaths and losses which hit Henry hard.  The evil mastermind behind all of this pain and anguish is a bit surprising yet it's fitting.  Because really, the hand in the puppet is usually the last person people suspect.  Although in this case, I believe the hand in the puppet should have spent more time keeping their spouse at home getting a good anal fisting to keep him in line.

I'm impressed with how Ms. Henry and Ms. Rock once again create a seamless story and bring all the threads together.  They write a fitting ending for the this odd couple.  The emotions invoked between Henry and Mac are up and down as they frustrate and arouse each other.  Henry is a hard person to love because there are so many sides to him.  Most of these are to protect himself from being hurt.  The situation with his mother and sister is truly depressing.  What is sad is that this is a realistic representation of life for some people.  Ms. Henry and Ms. Rock bring a human element to this story by showing how people who start out with disadvantages are still worthy of love and respect.  When given a chance, they too can make a difference.  Henry finally receives his lucky break and this happily ever after makes me smile in relief.  Henry may be a mischief maker, but he does it with a kind heart.  Mac's life will never be boring with Henry lighting it up.  Recommended for m/m readers who are hopeless romantics.

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