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Two Hearts One Voice (Mending the Rift #3)
@HeartValentina #BookReview War contains no glory, only heartbreak and sorrow. 

Two Hearts One Voice by Valentina Heart

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

War contains no glory, only heartbreak and sorrow. This is never more apparent to Rin and Merin as they are separated during this long drawn out war with a race that has nothing left to lose. This is until a critical error is made… cutting down Merin during a spell communication with Rin. For Rin, he becomes a flaming sword of vengeance.

This story starts out rather slow. In fact, the first third is a bit boring as Ms. Heart recaps the war and children situation between Rin and Merin. The book picks up in the middle third when Rin is finally recognized as more than just a convenient hole for Merin. Rin somehow proves he should wear the crown to the throne of his people. His marriage to Merin not only solidified the two countries, but it gives Rin credibility. The cute interlude with their precocious children is a highlight to the story. The best part of the story is the last third.

Ms. Heart really wrapped this story up fast. It felt rushed. Still, the ending is the best as Rin goes all Dark Phoenix on the Riki. This dark and intense hunger for violence immediately tripped my trigger. All other minor writing flaws and character hypocrisy fly out the window as immaterial. BURN, let it all burn. Wipe the savages all out. Kill them all - men, women and children. Wipe the entire warmongering race off the planet! The Riki may have started the war and the Kari will FINISH IT!

Well, this is how it seemed the story would go. This is a Ms. Heart tale so it will never go dark in this manner. She does resolve this brutal conflict in a more diplomatic way more palatable to the normal reader. For those who thirst for violence and darkness, this ending may feel as if you are robbed. For those who look for peace, rainbows and unicorns, this ending is just the right balance for a happily ever after.

Recommended to m/m romance lovers who enjoy war, peace and mischievous children providing comic relief.

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