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The Veil (Devil's Isle, #1)

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The Veil by Chloe Neill

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

A new exciting series of magic, rebellion and Southern stubbornness from talented Ms. Neill.  For those who loved Kim Harrison's The Hollows and Alexis Morgan's Paladins of Darkness, this new series is for you.  The Veil reminds me a little of both.  Claire Connolly is woman with a secret.  She's one of the few that are sensitive to magic and this means she will ultimately crave more magic and turn into a monster seeking to devour humans.  Claire's method to prevent this from happening is denial.  This doesn't work well for her and when she's unwillingly pulled into a war the general public is unaware of, live becomes intense.  What is alarming to Claire is not only the misinformation pushed upon the public, but the secrets her father kept from her.

The world building in this story is well done.  I'm fascinated by the "others".  This good versus evil theme is familiar and well done.  The overall oppressive government vibe gives the story good tension.  The constant threat of being pulled in and processed on "Devil's Isle" is an axe just waiting to drop on a person's neck.  This works well for the story and sets it up with a dark setting. 

The characters in this story are what makes the story enjoyable.  There are several paranormal creatures in this story.  I liked the angel and shifters.  The fae are fickle as always and of questionable intent.  Claire is a loyal friend who wants to do the right thing. She also is na├»ve based on the lack of information she's had access from the government.  When she starts to learn how the world really works and more about the veil, she adjusts quicker and better than expected.  Liam Quinn is the one who is mysterious and one to watch.  He seems to have many alliances and knowledge no one else possesses.  He also has a family not to be messed with.  What is most surprising about this story is how quickly the main villains are revealed and then a twist occurs to the one behind it all.  This story almost seems like a standalone until the end when the Veil is revealed.  Let's just say, the end times are near.  Recommended for paranormal fantasy readers who enjoy a brutal fight between good and evil.

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