Review: The Billionaire Bad Boys Club

The Billionaire Bad Boys ClubThe Billionaire Bad Boys Club by Emma Holly

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Why did I wait so long to read this story?  It's amazing.  I loved it.  Trey and Zane come from similar backgrounds.  They both have fathers who beat them and mothers who left them behind.  They are also deliciously bisexual.  When the two men get it on, it is super hawt.  Becoming friends during their senior year in high school, they stuck together in college and after. 

For those who roll their eyes at young billionaires, yes, yes, I know.  This will probably not be the book for you.  For those of you who love Ms. Holly's brand of supernova hawt graphic menages scenes, read this book.  The sex is fantastic and very plausible.  Building up the sex to be kinkier and kinkier is fabulous.  Yes, the men have a playroom.  Seriously, how does a rich guy NOT have a playroom?  Go with it.

The characters I really enjoyed.  Zane is cute in his shyness when declaring he's bisexual.  This can be directly correlated to how he was raised.  Trey's exuberance and being happy in his own skin is refreshing.  There are no victims in this story.  Even Rebecca's painful rejection as a child which makes me wince doesn't make me pity her.  Instead, I admire how each of these characters took what they had and made something of themselves.  These are the kind of characters I like to read about.  It is inspirational. 

The plot is not too heavy which is nice.  There is a predictable conflict and it's resolved in a manner I support.  Yes, I'm a vindictive beyotch and the way bikini hanger bimbo was smacked down is so sublime.  By the time this book ended, I'm fully invested in the story and want to read more.  This series is a kinky menage delight.  Highly recommended to menage lovers who love mmf triads with a kinky twist.

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