Review: The Boss's Daughter

The Boss's DaughterThe Boss's Daughter by Serenity Snow

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

  The Romance Review

Vampire, dommes, sex slaves oh my! In this F/f story, Fallina Mira is in love with her mother's right hand woman, Kensal. Fallina is a lesbian who also enjoys the submissive side of kink. Deep in the closet about her sexuality, Fallina keeps this all from her disapproving mother.

The world building seemed to change as the story progressed. It's not as if there are slow reveals to this story. It's more like the author decided to go a different direction partway through the book. There are several threads going on and they don't join well. It almost seems as if multiple people are crowd sourcing this story.

First, there is the BDSM element where Kensal is a stereotypical bitchy Domme. Second, there are vampires in this story and they are fighting for territory. Third, there is a plot to murder Fallina's mother, which we aren't sure if it really happened. These completing plot devices made for a jarring read. All of these elements can be integrated into a story in a smooth cohesive manner. This story did not achieve it. The conspiracies in this story are clumsily put together and it's not clear exactly which events really did take place.

There are a couple of different ways to improve this story. Based on the title of the story, if the focus is on Fallina and her blossoming kinky relationship with Kensal, that would have been really enjoyable. The conspiracy thrown in could have been fine, if the focus still remained with Fallina and Kensal. With Kensal only feeding into Fallina's insecurities and putting her down in degrading manners, this supposed romance fails for me. Instead of an upper, it's a downer. The vampire plot device almost seems as if it is needed to resolve the conflict in the end. Removing the vampire portion would also make this story better.

Another way would be to change the BDSM element. The BDSM in this story is unneeded. I'd recommend to get rid of the BDSM. I enjoy reading bitchy Dommes, but this story isn't right for a bitchy Domme because it's supposed to be erotic romance too. Instead, Kensal's femdom style raises my hackles and shows BDSM in a negative light. If there is one thing that totally turns me off, it is BDSM presented in a hostile manner for a romance. If Ms. Snow prefers the bitchy Domme, then turn this into a dark story with no romance. Because it's not an easy feat to pull off dark and romance together.

Lastly, from a character perspective, Kensal doesn't come across any better than the rest of the main or secondary characters. There are no characters in here which I remotely liked. Fallina is poor little rich girl with mommy issues. Fallina's mother is a stupid drunk who is deplorable. Kensal is some mastermind vampire yet doesn't really pull it off. The concepts for this story are sound; the execution needs work.

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