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Covert PassionCovert Passion by Ann Ruby

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lovely sinister world with endearing characters
New to me author Ms. Ruby bespells me with this dark conflicted erotica. Devlin O'Malley is a depressed man trying to assuage his guilt by helping people with their sexual dysfunctions.  The more one learns about Devlin, the more a reader falls for him.  Devlin is a man who fell deeply in love and when this lover is ripped away from him, he never manages to move on.

From a character building perspective, Devlin flat out does it for me.  He's sensual, intelligent, witty, honourable and flawed.  He's the morose bad boy that appeals to females who want to bring light and joy into his world.  Unfortunately for all females applying, it only works with one woman.  The one woman he wants and can't find, is Masha.  As the story unfolds, the reader learns just how Devlin and Masha's paths cross.  It's not a pretty story.  Human trafficking is big business.  Devlin's role in it crosses all sorts of lines which he has to live with.  One he line couldn't condone is when he and Masha meet.  One could say that desperate times make for strange bedfellows.  For me, this story takes dark events and transforms it into something priceless and beautiful.

Ms. Rudy is a writer who makes emotions leap off the pages, grab a reader's heart and pulls them deep into the story.  Devlin and Masha's story creates deep sorrow.  Devlin's desires and yearning for the other half of his heart is moving and may generate phantom heartache in a reader.  When Devlin finally allows his festering soul wound to heal through a new woman, Melissa, a reader feels hope and excitement.  The teasing sex scenes in this story may be light in sexual content but it packs an erotic punch to the gut.  Each scene of intimacy with Melissa will appease a sexual voyeur's appetite.  When it seems that all is right in the world, Ms. Rudy throws another twist, albeit an expected one, and the reader is once again cycling through an emotional turmoil.

Ms. Ruby builds a lovely sinister world with endearing characters.  The sex is hawt.  The dialogue is perfect.  The pace to this story is just right.  From beginning to end, this story is well edited, smooth and spellbinding.  Loved this story and hope there are more in this world with the secondary characters. Recommended for dark erotica lovers who love the tormented hero.

* Review copy provided via Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review.

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