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Daddy Knows Best
Recommended to erotic kinksters looking to delve into ageplay @NormandieA #BookReview 

Daddy Knows Best by Normandie Alleman

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Daddy kink with ageplay is always a treat to read.  In Daddy Knows Best, Tabitha is a bratty untruthful girlfriend towards her devoted loving boyfriend, Neal.  Tabitha is a powerhouse for her high stress job as a trader.  Her body is breaking down and she thinks pills will take care of it.  When her boyfriend finds a new job in Little Haven, a kinky ageplay community, Tabitha pretends she is okay with it and moves with him.  Neal is certain this new place and different pace to life will be what cures Tabitha's life threatening illnesses.  For Tabitha, the move is a complete culture shock.  She goes from pampered city girl to disgruntled country girl.

The D/s and ageplay dynamics in this story are well done.  I liked the realism as well as the struggles Tabitha experiences.  This is a lighter side of ageplay where it shows how people in this lifestyle can live it.  The daycare center is delightful.  Tabitha's spankings are well deserved.  She really needs more punishment as she thinks she can run the relationship even when she is a little.  The friendships made here as well as the bucolic life is what really attracts ageplay lovers.  One can only wish Little Haven really existed.

From a character development, Neal is a loving Daddy dom.  It's clear he is rather new to it and it would be interesting to see what happens with them after they live in Little Haven for several years.  Tabitha's change over this month is nice to see.  Her growth and maturity into a Little as paradoxically as it sounds is beautiful to witness.  This is a loving romance with a touch of kink.  Recommended to erotic kinksters looking to delve into ageplay.  This is a sweet romance.

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