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Die and Let LiveDie and Let Live by Keiko Alvarez

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F/f stories always make it onto my radar because they are far and few between.  With Ms. Alvarez, it's going to be a trip because I know there will be sex.  And how!  Nora Cole is a divorced female restoring her newly purchased home.  It comes complete with a ghost.  This ghost is the sexy and mischievous Evelyn. 

This is a niche fetish - sex with a ghost, mixing it up with girl on girl action and ménage.  From an erotic perspective, Ms. Alvarez hits it on the nail like always.  From a story perspective, it's a complete WTF-ery.  Not sure what I just read and I blinked several times at the end.  The way the plot develops makes sense, it's just a bit bizarre which makes me wonder about Ms. Alvarez's sanity.  I'm not saying she's crazy.  I do like the way her mind works.  It's different and refreshing.  I know going into her books, I'm going to get something completely wacky and off the wall.  Honestly, that's why I read her books.  Okay, I lied.  I read it for the sex and then the wackiness. 

This one didn't appeal to me as much.  Not because it lacked enough graphic sex.  More like I couldn't connect with the characters.  The ending seemed a bit odd as the author wrote herself into it.  I'm not sure if this is a sign of megalomania or an act of genius.  Either way, it does reconfirm this author is a bit off her rocker and that's how I like it.  Recommended for f/f erotica readers.

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Keiko Alvarez said…
You crack me up! I may or may not have lost my sanity - looking for it right now.
BTW I often write myself into my books, just not by name.
hehe - sanity is overrated.

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