Review: Feathers, Fur and Fey

Feathers, Fur and Fey (Shifting Crossroads, #30)Feathers, Fur and Fey by Zenina Masters

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Feathers, Fur and Fey - oh YAY!  Readers eagerly anticipating the latest in this series will be happy to read about griffins.  This mythical creature is one which is quite different than the other shifters.  The curse or blessing a griffin endures is quite heavy.  For Maki, she's been able to carry this burden.  She only wishes she can have a mate like others in her family.  Luckily, with the Fae in the mix, she's able to have her whirlwind courtship at the Crossroads.

This is another lovely addition to the world.  It seems as if Ms. Masters is still slowly building up to a big event.  I wish she would hurry it up because each one of these tasty morsels is just a tease.  There are still more hints about Djinns which I can't wait to read about.  The Fae are fine and a lovely addition, they just seem to be so mild even if they are "dark" ones.  There is a little conflict in this story and easily resolved.  One would think I'd be tired of this series.  I am not.  I'm still heavily hooked and when I see a new story come out, I salivate and snap it right up.  Recommended for paranormal romance lovers who enjoy all sorts of shifters - real or mythical.   (Real as it real animals, not that shifters are real…)
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