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Her One and Only DomHer One and Only Dom by Tamsin Baker

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Authority figures abusing their power is an age old erotic fantasy for many. In this story, Simone is a sexy coed who falls for her handsome professor, Patrick Smythe. She is tongued-tied around him and respects him as much as she lusts after his body. When she finally makes the move on him after she is no longer his student, she's shut down so hard she cries. She tries again, six months later, when she figures out why Patrick wouldn't consider her as a lover.

The BDSM in this story did not work for me. It's SugarKink which isn't the problem, but the dynamic between Patrick and Simone is awkward and a bit off-putting. First of all, Patrick's reference to his rules book is a bit odd. It didn't work for me because it feels forced. This also in turn makes the conflict in this story feel contrived. Neither one of these are conducive for a fun erotic read. Second, the sex and BDSM elements needs to be hotter for a sexier read. The sex scenes and the dialogue between the two left me dry.

What would have been better for me is if this popular trope was presented in a fresh manner. Using a virginal female with an experienced kinky male is a bit worn. It can still be done but it requires a better conflict than the one in this story. The predictable path this story goes with Simone and Patrick's disconnect made it difficult for me to enjoy.

Lastly, I recommend the author attend a few more BDSM gatherings or experience a few more BDSM scenes. It is clear Ms. Baker did do some research. It just doesn't come across in the story as someone who gets it. Overall this story is okay and recommended for romance readers who like professor and student tropes.

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