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Kinko de Mayo (Suncoast Society, #21)
highly recommended to those who love to laugh with lovers and good friends @TymberDalton #bookreview

 Kinko de Mayo by Tymber Dalton

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KINKO DE MAYO is one fantastic way to celebrate this holiday. Ms. Dalton does it fabulously as the Suncoast Society gathers together for more kinky fun. To avoid too many spoilers, I'm going to just say that this is one of my favourite party gatherings because it highlighted more on Max and Sean from the Crafty Bastards. This duo is the most amusing for me because of how they incorporate their innovative ideas with their equipment. They are excellent at perverting ordinary items. In this one, their idea for a piñata is just too hilarious.

Ms. Dalton does a stellar job of creating vivid imagery of a human piñata. So many things to do and say. None of it appropriate and yet my mind goes wild with the possibilities. To have friends like these for the holidays is truly special. This comaraderie never gets old and I love to vicariously experience it through these books. The many ideas which come from this book that I can share and tweak with my own kinky group of friends is priceless. To that, I tip my hat off to Ms. Dalton. Let's just say, the lifestylers I know are more into edgeplay and Sean would not just be a picture or decoration. He'd really be used as a piñata.

With all of this kinky fun, Ms. Dalton still manages to add her unique sense of humour. I love it. This one really slayed me and makes this a must read book. I can see the Youtube video playing in my mind's eye as it's described in the book. One Sybian = $1500. One cat from the Human Society = $45 dollars. Cat meets Sybian… priceless. This is what makes Ms. Dalton so attractive. BDSM isn't all serious and formal. She shows the levity to it so that people outside of the lifestyle can relate in some ways. And for those who are in the lifestyles where goof ups happen, it is a way to connect. As long as Ms. Dalton keeps writing about these parties, I'm going to keep reading them as fast as I can get my little hands on them. This kinky erotica is highly recommended to those who love to laugh with lovers and good friends.

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