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Out of the Spotlight (Suncoast Society, #23)

Ms. Dalton writes some of the easiest BDSM scenes to visualize and vicariously experience @TymberDalton #bookreview 

Out of the Spotlight by Tymber Dalton

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Being famous isn't all that it is cracked up to be. So many people believe it's their bloody right to know every personal detail about celebrities. When did this happen? This is an invasive and abhorrent practice.

Nick, aka action-hero Trevor Nichols, is constantly under media scrutiny. His rise to fame came to him as a surprise. Whilst he enjoys the money which comes with the fame, the sacrifice of his privacy is rough. Especially since Nick is portrayed as an alpha man saving the day when what he really wants is to be a submissive man taking order in the bedroom.

Ms. Dalton once again highlights the issues with being in the lifestyle. In this story, three people are all negatively impacted when associated with the BDSM lifestyle. It infuriates and pains me because I'm in the same position. I can relate to Lucas and Leigh who work for conservative companies. This morality clause most companies have either formally or informally always penalizes those who are outliers. Those who don't follow social norms, keep their private lives private and still companies feel it is fine to dictate a person's personal life choices. Perhaps one day, the States will not be so hung up on sexual orientation, practices and desires. Unfortunately, for now, Lucas and Leigh feel the sharp thrust of public disapproval when they are outed as possible kinky people.

The realism in how Lucas and Leigh lose their jobs and are shunned is terrifying for those in similar situations. The need for secrecy is captured so well. What is also captured so well is the BDSM in this story. It is to be expected as Ms. Dalton is in the lifestyle. This ménage combination is complicated. Nick is bisexual and willing to submit to Lucas. Lucas is gay yet he enjoys sexual intimacy with Leigh. Leigh loves Lucas and knows she is not his One. When it comes to rules in relationships, a reader can count on Ms. Dalton to break all of them. This is a reoccurring theme with this series. Lovers don't strictly adhere to the commonly accepted rules for BDSM or sexual composition. I like this about Ms. Dalton. I like it because it shows that the world is not black and white. Instead, people can do what makes it right for them. I like how she showcases this because the underlying message is - if it works for you, it's all good. And when it comes down to it, isn't this how it should be? Nick, Leigh and Lucas are not harming anyone. They are enjoying what comes naturally to them.

The dynamic between Nick, Leigh and Lucas is arousing. The sex between them when they finally get it going is hawt. The flogging and submission of Nick is erotic and not to be missed. The sexual chemistry between the threesome is smooth and sweet. The vivid descriptions allow a reader to be a quiet voyeur, reveling in the sexual heat generated by this triad. It's nice to see that it is a mmf instead of a mfm. This allows for a stronger bond and when it breaks for a bit, the pain of it is more poignant. Ms. Dalton writes some of the easiest BDSM scenes to visualize and vicariously experience.

The Suncoast Society comes together again as a community to help Leigh and Lucas. This is yet another part to the series which makes me happy. I love how friends come to the aid of one another. This kind of bond is hard to come by and every time I read about it, it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. This is why I'm addicted to the series and will read every single story. Recommended to kinky readers who enjoy ménages and complicated relationships.

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