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Rock Hard

recommended for those who like magic, curses and being at the whim of an angry god @BerengariaBrown #Bookreview

 Rock Hard by Berengaria Brown

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

What the world did I just read? Having just read an F/f erotic story from this author, I'm expecting more illicit sex and good erotica. This story is just bizarre. The sex is good, don't get me wrong. Ms. Brown delivers the smexy kinky sex in spades. The concept of this story is off the wall. I feel as though I came into the middle of a play with nothing to guide me. The blurb for this story doesn't do the story enough justice and will probably confuse many a reader.

Basically, this is a cursed situation where a Greek god is angry for some specific reason which is glossed over. Due to this pissed off Greek god which seems to be their perpetual state, lovers enjoying a little public sex are punished. They are forced into statues inside a maze at a Botanical Garden. When a threesome Fleur, Ricky and Heath decide to do the nasty in the maze by the statues, they too are caught up in this curse.

Once again, sex saves the day. Without the bribery of sex in this story, I would have given this story a much lower rating. The concept is different which helps keep a reader interested. What is difficult is the different names one person goes by and then the rapid switching of point view. My recommendation, focus on one point of view or only change once in a chapter. For a short story, the omnipresence point of view does nothing for me.

The resolution to this curse is also a bit odd and made the story feel stilted. It's as if the story is being told in a stream of consciousness with no editing and frequent pauses for a sexual interlude. This story is recommended for those who like magic, curses and being at the whim of an angry god.

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