Review: Sex, Lies and Smartphones

Sex, Lies and SmartphonesSex, Lies and Smartphones by Keiko Alvarez

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This story contains all the elements I enjoy.  There is an older man who is clever, sneaky and sexy.  Asian females who get freaky in the sack also appeals to me.  George is a retired self-made man who works for a secret government think tank.  His confidence is very alluring for his younger co-worker, Annie.  Annie reminds him of his sexy wife, Nikki. 

This story is all sorts of messed up as far as character issues.  I'm not sure how Ms. Alvarez pulls it together, but she does.  This story contains multiple threads which are all neatly brought together and culminate in hot hot sex.  Honestly, I'm addicted to Ms. Alvarez's sex.  These are stories which are definitely porn with a plot.  I liked the characters and I enjoyed the confrontations.  I really enjoyed how realistic conflicts were resolved and how it brought people closer.  Ms. Alvarez delivers another intense erotica.  What I admire is how the sex in these stories come across as freeing.  It's not something to be hidden.  There is no slut shaming.  Sex is meant to be enjoyed and the more the merrier.  Recommended for erotic readers who want a smexy good time.

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Keiko Alvarez said…
Thanks for a great review of "Sex, Lies and Smartphones."

I'm glad you enjoyed it.
:) I enjoy all of your books!
Keiko Alvarez said…
Have you read "Sociopaths"? Not my normal lighthearted stuff - kind of dark as the title implies.
Yup. I loved it. Broke my heart a little.

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