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Somebody To Love (Out For You)Somebody To Love by Shannon West

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Ex-lovers who burn bridges should stay in the past, especially when one is trying to suppress unnatural desires.  A.J. Tucker is a man who is numb and doing his best to get through life.  He is back in his small hometown community as a respected English teacher.  His wild ways during his college years are behind him.  He no longer lusts for dirty sex with men nor does he have perverted desires to be beaten and abused.  Thanks to the tough love of his grandfather, the pastor of this godly town, A.J. is a changed man.   Hallelujah!  Praise to the Lord who has brought this wayward sheep back into the flock.  Blech!

God would be disgusted with what A.J.'s homophobic cruel grandfather has done to him.  I am constantly reviled with people who feel it is their need to push their own ideals and agendas upon another.  This goes both ways.  Which is why I didn't like either A.J.'s grandfather or Logan Williams.

This story is very mixed for me.  The problem I have with it is not the aggressive sexual predatory attitude from Logan.  More that Logan is a dominant who I wouldn't ever trust.  The BDSM in this story is messed up for me.  Can it work this way?  I am sure it does.  Is it healthy?  I'm not sure.  Logan is now an author of renown.  People flock to his book signings.  He's charismatic and the females fawn over him because of a book he writes regarding lost love.  This character is based off of A.J.  Logan is determined to bring his sweet sweet sub back to him at any costs, even if this destroys A.J.'s life.

Here's my problem with the BDSM in this book.  Logan is domineering not dominating.  Several of his predatory tactics are crossing the line for me when it comes to a healthy relationship with A.J.  A.J. wants to be in the closet and he wants to walk away and stay away from the lifestyle.  Logan's actions indicates he does not respect A.J. nor does he accept the answer.  He will force A.J. back out of the closet and take him by force.  This darkness is fine in a dark non-con or dub-con story.  This story is supposed to be an erotic romance which is why it doesn't work for me.  Does what Logan do arouse and turn me on?  Yes.  His intent and lack of understanding is what turns me off because Ms. West is trying to convene that Logan is a good guy.  He is not.  He makes me question if he will respect A.J.'s limits.  Logan's thoughts and actions make me question if he is even stable enough to receive the power A.J. would give as part of his submission.  He rips control from A.J. and expects A.J. to be grateful.  This kind of behaviour is consistent with domestic violence.  This is why I had issues with the BDSM in the book.  It is too close to an abusive relationship.  For Logan, the ends justifies the means.

Now, does A.J. want to leave this town?  Be someone where he is comfortable in his own skin?  Without a doubt.  The way the story unfolds leaves me unsettled.  For me, it seems A.J. just traded one abusive relationship for another.  Logan and A.J.'s grandfather both want what they think is best for him.  They never give him a choice.  They force it upon him.  This dysfunctional dynamic in the story is what pulls me in and still enjoy the read even if I disagreed with how the story is executed.  Ms. West did a good job of creating loathsome characters.  The BDSM element was not really needed but it gave the tale a darker edgy feel which is probably what captures many erotic romance readers' attention.  This book is recommended to m/m readers who like the lost love reunited trope.

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