Review: Their Own Little Paradise

Their Own Little ParadiseTheir Own Little Paradise by Keiko Alvarez

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Paradise it is not, when Yuki and Jerry head off for a romantic honeymoon getaway.  This story is all over the place.  Not as strong as some of the other Ms. Alveraz's plots which are more cohesive.  This one seems to be neither plot nor character driven.  I can't even say it's sex driven.

Yuki and Jerry are in Florida and spend a bit of time with their good friends.  These two couples really bring out the inner slut for men to drool over.  Thinking this story is going to be about friends reuniting and getting their kink on is not what happens.  What happens is a series of unfortunate events.  Yuki and Jerry hit one misfortune after another when they take their little 2 day honeymoon getaway on a godforsaken island. 
This story is probably better as a cautionary USA TV movie.  Everything that can go wrong does for Yuki and Jerry during this trip.  The other parts book ending the honeymoon scene is just sex and more mindless sex.  It's kind of amusing just not smoothly transitioned in my mind.  Still, it's a Ms. Alveraz story so I can't resist.  Recommended for those who enjoy a bit of off the wall loosely connected events.

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Keiko Alvarez said…
This story is based on a set of events that really happened with my husband and me. The part where I was lying naked in a cove and the tide came in was right on. I was terrified, as I was when the big boat with all the people on board came by.

Oh my goodness. NO! Yikes. Did anyone see you? Did you wave hello?

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