Review: A Turn of the Screwed

A Turn of the Screwed (Suncoast Society, #19)

Wow, read this book now, kinky ménage lovers! @TymberDalton #bookreview 

 A Turn of the Screwed by Tymber Dalton

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The Romance Review

Wow, read this book now, kinky ménage lovers! This one had me on my knees in a puddle of my own pussy juice. When Ms. Dalton wants to write about a strong dominant, she delivers. Submissives will quiver.

Scott and Noel are a married couple who are finally facing reality. Noel is a beard for Scott. They are best friends and they married each other for various reasons. Hoping to salvage their marriage, Noel becomes a service Top for Scott's masochist desires. Unfortunately, it doesn't work well when Scott requires D/s with his SM and Noel is getting nothing out of the lifestyle. She doesn't like to dominate Scott. She'll do whatever she can to help him be happy, even if it means letting him go to find a male lover to dominate him.

First off, let's talk about the characters. Ms. Dalton writes some of the most realistic characters. I've mentioned before, how many of her real life friends are making it into these stories without them knowing? Noel, Scott and Keith are all different and easy to distinguish in the story. By the end of the story, I feel as though I know them. I feel as though I've been through an emotional wringer as the three try to figure out how to make their relationship work.

Second, let's examine the conflict in this story. It is a painful one to witness as Noel is truly a loving wife. She is receiving the short end of the stick when Scott finds Keith and they find their bliss together. At one point, Noel's self-less acts makes me want to shake her and say, "for once in your life, think of your own happiness!" Ms. Dalton could have easily made Scott and Keith selfish cruel bastards. She doesn't. She gives us a slightly rose-coloured glasses view of how men can be gentlemen. Honestly, are there real people in the world who would behave like Noel, Scott and Keith? I'm doubtful and yet it gives me hope that people are not petty and can be honourable like this triad. The character development and interaction in this story really moved me.

Third, the BDSM in here is fabulous. The D/s is what really sucks me in each time. There are several panty-wetting scenes in here with Keith dominating Scott. Then when Keith dominates Noel, I'm in my happy voyeuristic land. Even better, Keith shows how he can dominate. There are few fancy implements or furniture used in the hotter BDSM scenes. Keith embodies the type of dominant which makes me immediately want to drop to my knees, bow my head and answer, "Yes, Sir". Is there a bit of fantasy dominant characterization of Keith? Yes. Still, he's not perfect and that's what makes him more attractive. Ms. Dalton may polish the edges but she never overdoes it.

This story focuses on relationships with the ups and downs. It shows how communication or lack thereof can either fix or cause problems. It also shows how the way a person perceives themselves may change. Change can be for the better and when people are open to try new things, sometimes they surprise themselves and new options open up. This kinky ménage is highly recommended to those who fantasize about an M/m/f BDSM triad.

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