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Vicious Carousel (Suncoast Society, #25)
Recommended for mmf ménage readers who want their cake and eat it too @TymberDalton #Bookreview 
Vicious Carousel by Tymber Dalton

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The Romance Review

Abuse in the BDSM community is just as common as it is in the vanilla community. Predators are everywhere and is inexcusable. Betsy is a submissive who went through sub frenzy. She's the person who finally found her missing piece to her whole and dove into the deep end without any safety device and little heed to training. This is not to say that Betsy is at fault for putting herself in an abusive situation. It is to say that despite all warnings, even the most level headed can make mistakes.

This depressing story continues off where Friends Like These ends. Betsy is rescued by a few members of the Suncoast Society. She's battered, embarrassed, frightened and feeling guilty. All of these emotions are well captured and painfully exposed to the reader. As Betsy fights to get back on her feet, Nolan and Kenny are there to help her recovery. It's not going to be a simple path as much of the emotional trauma is not easy for Betsy to overcome, especially after being heinously manipulated by her asshole boyfriend pretending to be a dominant.

Rather than focus on the despicable dominant, let's focus on the newly formed threesome. Is it possible for Betsy to trust again? Does Betsy even want to stay in the kinky lifestyle because her walk on the wild side ended up in nasty non-con slavery? The exploration of Betsy's journey back to reclaiming her identity and sense of self-worth is fraught with trials and tribulations. With the strong support of two solid men, it may be possible.

The way Noland and Kenny treat Betsy is fabulous. They start out with kid gloves and then move on to more. Is it possible they are taking advantage of her situation? For some readers, it might. For me, it is just the right medicine for an ailing patient.

Another rather scary part to this story is when law is involved in the kinky lifestyle or when law is involved in rape cases. Unfortunately, many times, the victim is seen as guilty and painted as a harlot asking for it. Ms. Dalton does an admirable job of showing how sometimes, justice may not be in the hands of law. This little twist at the end is a bit surprising. For those who have read all the stories in this series up to now, it is expected and done just right. I really enjoy the ending as it satisfies my thirst for vengeance. Recommended for mmf ménage readers who want their cake and eat it too.

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