Review: What He Left Behind

What He Left Behind

@GallagherWitt #bookreview two people in a relationship is fabulous but adding another will make it phenomenal.

What He Left Behind by L.A. Witt

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Would you sacrifice a marriage to help a best friend?  When Michael, Josh's best friend confesses that after five years, he's still afraid of physical contact because of his ex-lover, Steve, Josh is horrified.  Josh understands Michael is going through PTSD from the sexual and physical abuse.  He worries for Michael and doesn't know what to do to help, until his husband Ian suggests sexual healing therapy.

Seriously, what is this?  "Let me help you get over your trauma.  We can fuck like bunnies until you feel comfortable to have sex with others."  Does this line actual work?  Why yes, it does.  This is probably not a shrink approved therapy, but it works for Ian, Josh and Michael.  Frankly, with the hotness of the sex in this story, I could care less about Michael's trauma.  It is definitely insensitive of me but I just want to yell at Michael, "BEND OVER ALREADY!  Suck that dick.  Suck it!"  Because if there is one thing Ms. Witt excels in, it is writing smoking hawt m/m sex.  When Ian joins in to help heal Michael, this threesome is panty wetting goodness.  The sex is intimately described in graphic detail.  And oh boy is it tantalizing.  At one point, I just wished the men stopped talking about feelings and just moved on to sucking, licking, probing and thrusting.

Sex aside, this story does explore what it means to help a friend.  It also explores the messiness when good friends cross into lover territory.  It also explores how sometimes, two people in a relationship is fabulous but adding another will make it phenomenal.  Triads are not easy with jealousies and misunderstandings.  Ms. Witt writes a softer and more romantic perspective of three men finding their happiness in each other's arms.  This is a sweetly romantic story enhanced with an erotic ménage.  Recommended for m/m readers who want a feel good book with a happily ever after.

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