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30 Days

Moving, bittersweet and heartwarming @Christine_dAbo #bookreview

30 Days by Christine d'Abo

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Bittersweet is how this story tastes.  It's a moving tale of a woman finally ready to move on after her husband dies.  How he helps her from beyond the grave is priceless.  These kind of stories always tugs my heartstrings because it speaks to the love of a person so great that he needs to take care of his beloved, even when he's gone.  Alyssa is a woman who is living life in a haze.  She's not exactly a zombie.  Her emotions and feels are cut off because if she feels, she will be overwhelmed by the loss of her soulmate.  Her high school sweetheart, Rob, died on her and she isn't going to let it go.  No matter his deathbed wish that she not die with him. 

Ms. D'abo takes a close look at what it means when lovers part before their time.  This compassionate exploration of Alyssa's grief and denial is well done.  The spark to animate her back into life will bring a smile to a reader's face.  The catalyst is the new neighbor's ass.  Harrison Kemp is new to the area and he will only be here on temporary assignment.  He is done with marriage and relationships.  All he needs is a good sexual partner with no strings attached.  When Alyssa crosses his path, he is intrigued but makes no moves.  When Alyssa asks him for help and he realizes how he must aid her, he is all for it.

The 30 days card is a kinky sweet idea to help a young widow join the singles pool again.  This plot device is sweet.  What it does make me think is, why didn't they do this when they had the chance?  Why didn't Rob and Alyssa experience these 30 day challenges together whilst they still had time?  It reminds me a little about the animated movie, Up!  The old man never traveled the world with his wife.  Sure they showed "reasons" why it never happened, but it always struck me as sad that people put off experiences with their loved ones until it is too late.  This story motivates me to seize the day with my beloved.  I hope it does the same for others.

The romance of this story really stayed in my mind.  Even if the sex is erotic and a bit kinky, it's not as memorable as the relationship between Alyssa and her new man, Harrison.  Their dynamic is fun to watch.  It's so much hot/cold that it can make a reader dizzy.  What I really liked is how it showed people make mistakes and given a chance, situations can turn around.  The only time it can't is when a person dies.  There is death in this story and it is a hard blow.  If there is one thing to take away from this book is to never give up hope.  Recommended for hopeless romantics who sigh when love is given a second chance.

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