Review: Best Lesbian Romance of the Year

Best Lesbian Romance of the YearBest Lesbian Romance of the Year by Radclyffe

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This is a collection of the Best Lesbian Romance I've read all year.  I am happily devouring each tale for erotic f/f is so hard to find.  This collection contains romance, humour and erotic sex.  Every story in this collection is a smooth read.  Each author does a good job of packaging a bite size tale to savour. This collection mixes all different sorts of f/f relationships and different types of lesbians.  This is nice to see because lesbian stereotypes have become a bit worn.  The women of these stories are more realistic and easier to relate to because of it.  For those who enjoy different types of women who love women, this book will be a delicious buffet. 

Some of the authors, I've read before; some are new to me.  My favourite one is Gargoyle Lovers by Sacchi Green.  There is one passage in here which just captures my attention and makes me ponder kinky bad things.  As a lover of gargoyles, it amuses me to no end.  For the most part, many of the gargoyles do not have smiling faces.  Ever wonder why?  Wonder no more because there is a plausible and dirty explanation.

“There’s somebody hidden behind the stone, in another dimension, or time, or whatever, giving the gargoyle the fucking of its life. A reaming so fine it’s been going on for centuries.”  (kindle loc. 1767-1770)

Who comes up with this concept and doesn't it just beg for a story of its own?

I also enjoyed A Royal Engagement by Nell Stark.  This one is sweet and romantic.  It's fun and a modern fairy tale with a f/f twist.  Ms. Stark is new to me and one I want to read more of.  Her story is simple yet memorable with a little hook into my heart. 

Going to that chapel by Giselle Renarde is a surprising one.  I'm a fan of Ms. Renarde because her sex scenes flat out do it for me.  Her devious mind amuses me.  In Going to that Chapel, it's a change where the story is more focused on the life of f/f relationship and how they are treated.  It's an uplifting piece of where two lovers share their love of each other towards those who despise them.  It's a reminder that no matter who you love, in the end, we are all people deserving of respect and love. This anthology is recommended to f/f readers who want a romantic story, good characters and smexy fun.

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