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Broken Arrow (Suncoast Society, #22)
Girls who love fast cars also love fast men @TymberDalton #Bookreview
Broken Arrow by Tymber Dalton

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The Romance Review

Girls who love fast cars also love fast men, right? Not for Brooke who is just making it through life, one day at a time. She took over her father's classic car repair business and loves what she does. She's focused on keeping his business going and visiting her father during her free time. The most interaction she receives is when she talks to her cat and expects him to answer her. Is this the beginning of being crazy cat lady?

Fortunately for Brooke, her good friend Eliza forces her out for dinner. During dinner, she meets Cody and Justin. Brooke is well aware Eliza is into that freaky kinky stuff. She's also hoping these two cool guys, Cody and Justin, are not. Not that there is anything wrong with people liking to be tied up and beaten; she just doesn't want to have anything to do with it.

This story shows a good perspective of a person who isn't into kink yet is introduced and starts to see it isn't quite that disturbing or perverse. In fact, kink can be fun, even it if comes in a threesome instead of one-on-one. The story takes delightful steps towards kink and then understandable backward steps. This makes it more relatable for those who aren't exactly opposed to kink and yet aren't ready to take the plunge.

Once again, it's the characters who make this story good. Brooke considers herself a broken arrow. My heart breaks for her as she is surviving the trauma she's experienced in warfare. Not only does she carry external scars, but scars internally which will take time to heal. Cody and Justin's open mindedness and understanding really help open Brooke's eyes to life again. The chemistry between the three is steady and purrs like one of Brooke's restored cars. The character development is smooth and easily pulls a reader in.

Ms. Dalton's strength is creating memorable characters who are all individuals. Some of the characters are more charismatic than others. What they all have in common--a relatable background. These stories may not be targeted to change people's minds, but they do. She is great at showing how on the surface, a situation may be misjudged easily. When the time is taken to listen and communicate, the full story is much more complicated and may change a person's perception. This is one of the reasons why I love reading her books.

There is good BDSM in this book as to be expected by Ms. Dalton. In this one, it is softer subtler thread because it isn't the focal point for the story. As a minor supporting role, the BDSM is still quite appealing. Many female submissive fantasize about two dominants co-topping them. With caring, erotic Cody and Justin taking Brooke in hand, be ready for a sweet ride. Recommended for ménage lovers who enjoy a mmf Kinky romance.

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