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Crucible Zero (House Immortal, #3)

A stunning finale delivered in a high octane pace @DevonMonk #bookreview
 Crucible Zero by Devon Monk
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A stunning finale delivered in a high octane pace.  This book is fabulous and a must read.  Crucible Zero starts up right after the second book leaves off.  Tildy is still trying to right the wrongs committed by the psychotic bastard who wants to rule the world and kill off all her friends and loved ones.  When Tildy returns to the present, it isn't as she left it.  In this alternate universe, the immortal galvanized are not the heroes.  The houses are not split up into twelve and fortunately, her lover, brother and friends are not dead.  Trying to piece this world together is a tough job especially as so many things are similar yet different.  Complicating matters, Tildy slips back into her old world where she faces a horrific reality that she doesn't want to come true.

Ms. Monk created a way to have her cake and eat it too.  The way this story is written is fabulous.  The alternate reality really makes this story work.  Changing up the characters and their roles gives this story a refreshing new look and new challenges.  It's like falling in love with this world all over again for me.  The characters still hold similar attributes yet are different in how they relate to Tildy.  This is probably the most poignant piece for me.  The way Abraham does not know Tildy just about breaks my heart.  He is not against her, but he doesn't have the same shared past.  This would probably break me if I were Tildy.  The suffering she went through to save everyone only to have them not know her.  They know someone else in her place.  It's only her grandmother who oddly understands and can connect with Tildy.

In Crucible Zero, all the threads whipping around are brought under control and neatly tied off.  The story pace is a bit fast so it feels as though I'm rushed to the ultimate showdown and conclusion.  This keeps my adrenaline pumping high and my finger flipping pages at a high speed.  I feel as desperate as Tildy, with the time counting down.  Bringing all the pieces together to make a better future is difficult and yet it's pulled off with grace and perseverance.   

Ms. Monk is a spellbinding storyteller.  I have yet to read a book of hers I didn't like.  The descriptions are vivid.  The action is fast paced.  The blows are surgically placed to make the most painful emotional cuts.  Her characters are lovingly created in a multilayered fashion.  They are all different and easy to remember.  This trilogy is now one of my top ten favourites.  Ms. Monk is quickly becoming one of my favourite authors who is an auto-buy and must read.  This urban fantasy is highly recommended for all readers.  

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