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Dragon Wife (Dragon Clan #1)Dragon Wife by Diana  Green

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Dragon shifters are always a must read for me.  Who doesn't love dragons, be they evil or good.  They are powerful, dangerous and majestic.  Their ability breathe fire is pretty awesome too.  For Wen, she is one of the few humans unafraid of dragons.  This could be because she lives a life filled with managing her father's small estate.  She wants a bit of adventure.  When she connects mind to mind to a dragon lord, life definitely becomes more exciting. Huroth awakens from a mysterious long sleep only to find his large clan completely decimated.  Turning to the humans is a way to continue dragon kind existence.  Brokering deals for the younger unattached dragons, he didn't expect to find a mate in Wen.

This story is a mix of paranormal and historical romance.  This is definitely a feudal system with Lady Wen as the requisite bluestocking railing against the inequity of being a female.  She's a typical woman who is no nonsense and capable of surviving without a man.  This does give her a rather unappealing chip on her shoulder about males and their inconsiderate attitudes.  Still, she's a decent character to match up with Huroth.  She isn't completely fearless which makes her a bit more believable.  Huroth is a decent dragon just trying to survive.  From a character perspective, he's the white knight in shining armor, set to rescue the damsel in distress.  He's caring and sweet.  Both characters are easily understandable and pretty common in historical type romances.

The plot of this story is average.  It's predictable from start to finish.  There is nothing new or innovative.  This is a nice familiar trope well written with good action and a smooth writing voice.  The world building is very light.  This is one piece I'd recommend fleshing out more.  Perhaps this is just the first little bit to build up in the next books in this series.  For those who read a lot of paranormal romance and fantasy, it will be easy to fill in the blanks based on our own reading experiences.  This is a light romance recommended for dragon lovers.

*I received this book in exchange for an honest review from The Reading Alley

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