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Falling Under (Ink & Chrome, #2)

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Falling Under by Lauren Dane

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Falling under Ms. Dane's spell is so easy.  In this erotic romance, Duke Bradshaw pulls a naughty boss to employee romance with Carmella Rossi.  This romance is so smooth and sweet, it is hard to pull away after it concludes.  Ms. Dane weaves a moving tale of two people with a lot of baggage trying to understand each other.

The character development in this book is superb.  I really admire and like Carmella.  She is a female who is loyal, loving and steadfast.  She refuses to give up on someone once she commits to them.  The way Carmella takes care of her mother is nothing short of remarkable.  The responsibilities and heartbreak Carmella shoulders for her family makes me want to weep for her lost childhood.  And yet, one can't hate Carmella's mother.  Ms. Dane shows compassion in a way that is unbelievable.  Somehow she shows how every character has their side of the story.  And it's neither good nor evil; right nor wrong.  The message of acceptance and support even beyond what is reasonable really hits home for me.  I shed several tears for Carmella and how she's intentional and unintentionally hurt.  When I connect to a character so tightly, I know I'm going to really like the book.

Duke is a character who is knocked onto his smug ass.  He makes assumptions which are infuriating.  His past explains it and fortunately, he mans up and admits his mistakes.  As a character, he seems to have an easy life but as his past is revealed, it's all just a fa├žade.  The family ties and how they interact is agonizingly exposed in a raw form which makes a reader want to turn away from the emotional train wreck.  The powerful emotions elicited makes for an engaging read.  The reader is so vested in a happily ever after outcome they can almost taste it.  The ending is for the most part, happily ever after.  Ms. Dane's strength in writing contemporary romance is that she doesn't go for unrealistic endings.  Nothing is perfect in life and she shows it all in its gritty naked glory yet cushions it with tender mercy.  Ms. Dane is an auto read author because her stories are memorable and touch the soul.  Highly recommended for romance lovers who believe in happily ever afters.

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