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Friends Like These (Suncoast Society, #24)Friends Like These by Tymber Dalton

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These are the friends people fantasize about and not in a kinky manner. Another fabulous private play party is provided to readers courtesy of Ms. Dalton. The sex scenes in this story are hawt and erotic. The games are hilarious and once again show the fun side of kinksters. The blowup doll flotation device is a real crowd pleaser.

In this bridge story, it sets up the readers for the next book, Vicious Carousel. Still, this story continues to build connections between the kinksters and shows how their life isn't perfect. Even those who have millions of dollars still have issues which need a little help from their friends.

What I like about the BDSM set in this story is how each grouping's dynamic is shown and accepted. In addition, the variety of how people can play is explored and show. Even a couple who isn't in a kinky mood shows up and begins to relax and reconnect. Whether reader catch this or not, it's an important distinction I'd like to make and applaud Ms. Dalton for showing. There are times people just come to a party and hang out. They don't use the equipment and they don't play. There are times people don't even go to be voyeurs. Because let's be real, this lifestyle does tend to have a high number of both exhibitionist and voyeurs. Sometimes, people attend a play party just for the community. This is what Ms. Dalton built in this series. A strong community with bonds of friendship not only in Shibari bondage.

FRIENDS LIKE THESE is a mish mash of all our well-loved Suncoast Society members gathering together and having a good time. It's more than just sex. It's a shared experience where friends of like minds can feel at ease in their own skin around people who can accept them for who they really are. This is a very alluring element to this story and pulls me in every time. With few egos and many good-hearted people, this community is a haven. This erotic romance is highly recommended for kinky readers who love reading about a support community that gets by with a little help from their friends.

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