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Kitty Anne in Charge (Cattleman's Club, #6)Kitty Anne in Charge by Jenny Penn

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Not everything is as it seems.  Kitty Anne is a woman who is a walking contradiction.  Her relationship with her mother is beyond dysfunctional.  I can't even begin to understand the way these two incredibly insane women interact.  If this is how mothers and daughters treat each other, no wonder there are women who are back-stabbing bitchy frenemies.  This concept is so foreign to me.  Watching these two women fight is like watching savages in the wild try to piss on each other's tree to claim their territory.  I'm embarrassed as a woman that there are women out there like this.  I'm also a bit disgusted.  It makes women look stupid, shallow and crazy.  Who would respect any woman after watching Kitty Anne and her mother?

Ms. Penn does win me over half way through the book with the back story on Kitty Anne.  Kitty Anne acts out because that is the only way she knows how.  Her mother may not be the best role model, but she does love Kitty Anne in her own psychotic way.  In the end it is a bit touching.  But during this story, it's a complete train wreck and a wild ride.  The unending stunts Kitty's mother, Lynn Anne pulls is astounding.  I'm baffled how Kitty can continue to love her mother despite all the emotional wounds inflicted.  I'm surprised Kitty isn't bleeding to death through her internal injuries.  The constant battle between these two females completely detracts from the sexy time for the characters and the readers.

This is the only book I've read of Ms. Penn where the sex did nothing for me.  I was dry as a bone.  The revolting behaviours of the characters in this book made it difficult to become aroused.  It did keep me riveted like a terrible Jerry Springer show gone wrong.  It's all a bit white trash bashing and I just couldn't stop reading it.  I can't even remember the two male love interests because I'm mesmerized by Lynn Anne as a destructive force of nature.  This book I'm mixed on because it's memorable, but maybe not in the way one would like it to be.  It shows off the ugly parts of humanity yet it tempers it with a few sparks of kindness which just come out of left field.  Overall, I believe this is a 2.5 star for me.

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