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Penalty Play (Power Play, #3)Powerfully moving - must read. Buy now! @lyndaaicher #bookreview

Penalty Play by Lynda Aicher

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow, Ms. Aicher just gets better and better in this series.  Penalty Play is a deliciously written romance.  For hockey lovers, this will make a woman sigh with pleasure and wince in sympathy.  Minnesota Glaciers' Henrik Grenick finally receives his own story.  Henrik came across more like a pussy whipped jerk in the previous books in this series.  When Ms. Aicher exposes Henrik in all his raw glory, I'm stunned into speechlessness.

I really loved Henrik in this book.  He is by far my favourite character in this series.  He's such a gentle soul, broken by those who should have loved him most.  The character development here for Henrik is amazing.  The reader changes their perspective of him and admires him more and more.  He's reserved in many ways due to his upbringing.  The horrific psychological beatings from him brother, father and mother is more than I can take.  I wanted to beat them for what they did to Henrik.  Henrik's traumatic loss in his life is painful when it is revealed.

The romance in this story is phenomenal.  Ms. Aicher totally nails it with the chemistry and relationship dynamics between Henrik and Jacqui.  Jacqui is a tough survivor who seems to have nothing in common with Henrik.  As the two spend more time together, it's clear that they do have many things in common and based on their background, they can connect better than expected.  The supporting cast of hockey players as well as Jacqui's family helped enhanced this book and made it so enjoyable.  The family dynamics which Ms. Aicher compares and contrasts between the two lovers is so well done.  It shows how starkly different worlds Jacqui and Henrik come from, yet they can still meet in the middle. 

The powerful story of connection and self-actualization overrode the sex in this book.  I know there was sex in here; I just don't remember it.  What I remember most is when Henrik is finally true to himself.  When he stops hiding and his light is finally allowed to shine, it's brilliant.  It moved me to tears.  This romance story pairs up two people who earned their happily ever after.  Highly recommended to romance lovers who love happily ever afters.  This one will exceed expectations.

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