Review: Pitcher Plant Feeding Cycles: An Observational Study

Pitcher Plant Feeding Cycles: An Observational StudyPitcher Plant Feeding Cycles: An Observational Study by Debrah Deumont

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Tentacle sex lovers, this one is for you.  It's a short story which packs a strong punch.  I loved it.  Totally spank-bank worthy.  Phan Trai is a private investigator hired to find a missing person.  Or so he thinks.  He does end up finding people but it isn't they way he thought.  Ms. Deumont takes Little Shop of Horrors and blends it with The Rocky Horror Picture Shop.

Divine!  The deviant non-con with tentacles sex is just what I enjoy.  The bondage, penetration, milking, it's all fabulous.  After reading this little piece, I can only lust for more.  The sex scenes are dirty, depraved and taboo.  Phan Trai falls into a tangled web and this siren's song sings him into submission.  For those who want to get it on with m/m twincest and anal rape, this story is for you.  Despite all the plant shenanigans, this is not really a dark story.  It's still sweet in some ways even if it is a bit out there.  Definitely did justice to the Dear Pervert Letter request.  Recommended for porny tentacle lovers.

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