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Shadow Play (Eve Duncan, #19)Shadow Play by Iris Johansen

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Eve is back with another bizarre case of reconstructing a child's skull.  This one calls out to her in ways that she is not exactly comfortable with.  It's almost as if she works in a fugue state which alarms Joe and confuses Eve.  Ms. Johansen seems to be leaning more and more towards the afterlife and beyond.  This new girl communicating as a ghost is the next step after the last arc where the ghost was inherently evil.  This confused female ghost is becoming more powerful and thankfully remains on the side of good.

The characters in this story is what pulls me to read each new book in the series.  Eve and Joe are nice and steady in their relationship.  This stabilization is a treat after years of struggling and turmoil.  To shake it up, Ms. Johnansen adds new interesting characters.  It seems for Eve, she will always be a mother.  After losing Bonnie and raising Jane, Jane grows up and leaves.  Jane doesn't leave like Bonnie, nevertheless, Eve does feel bereft with Jane across the pond.  In this book, a new little girl enters Eve's life and it almost seems like a repeat of Jane, except a different and more sinister variation.   It creates an intriguing new story arc which promises to be a bit direr.  Honestly, how much more heartache must Eve experience in her life?

The pace of this story is fast and it is riveting.  It's a page turner as Ms. Johansen adds layers of complexity with each new clue revealed.  The twists and turns in this story keep the story invigorating.  The constant hints of a dark future is never realized in this story.  The different threads in the story are nicely woven together into a satisfying conclusion.  The resolution of the conflict is neatly done and leaves open a peek into the next book, making me wish for Ms. Johnansen to write faster so I can read the next one.  Recommended for suspense readers who enjoy paranormal activity.

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