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Please welcome talented Ms. Annabel Joseph.  She kindly dropped by to share her a little about new series.

La Crimson Femme:    You mainly focused on Historical and sweet sugarkink last year.  What triggered you to go that direction?

Annabel Joseph: This will sound mercenary, but my historical BDSM outsells my contemporary BDSM by a pretty large margin, so I started the Properly Spanked series to tap that larger audience. I figured, okay, four friends who are into spanking, four books, and then I'll get back to writing contemporary again. But I really got sucked into that historical world and after a while it wasn't about chasing sales. I just fell in love with the characters and that time period. So that was fun. 

La Crimson Femme:    I guess it is true to do what you love and the money will follow…Still, I missed you and I’m glad you are back.  This past year of hiatus from the harder BDSM, have you noticed a difference in your writing when returning back to the darker BDSM?

Annabel Joseph: I do notice a difference! With the historical books and softer kink books, I can stand outside the characters' world and make the story happen like I'm moving puppets around. There's not as much emotional investment. But as soon as I start on a darker book, I feel like it takes over my life. I internalize all the stress and passion and anxiety the characters feel and it becomes very claustrophobic. For some reason, I only get that way with the darker books. 

La Crimson Femme:   *cough* Well, after meeting you and learning more about your history, I would say you are closer aligned with characters in the “darker” stories.  Coming back to “hardcore” BDSM, what triggered you to start writing this again?

Annabel Joseph: Mainly my readers nudging me. I have a subset of readers who want something that pushes boundaries. Not that I'm the most extreme BDSM author out there, but I definitely have my sweet books and my harder books, and it had been too long since I wrote a harder book. With that said, I would not call this a by-the-rules BDSM tale. The hero in this book does awful things to the heroine. It's not SSC. It's not even RACK, lol.

La Crimson Femme:  Oh boy!  A dominant gone wild!  Or as the people in the community I’m loosely acquainted with – BORK!  (Balls out reckless kink) What inspired you to write Torment me?

Annabel Joseph: Torment Me was mostly inspired by someone I knew who disappeared from my life and left me with a lot of questions. There were other things I wanted to add: rough sex, choking and face slapping, an escort heroine, poetry, a lot of conflicting things that probably didn't belong in a single story. But once I put them together, they worked better than I could have imagined.

La Crimson Femme:  Oooh, so more drawn from your life.  This one is also quite personal, I take it.  Can we expect more "hardcore" books coming up?

Annabel Joseph: Yes! Torment Me is actually part one of a three part trilogy. Their relationship develops over the course of years, not months, so I needed more than one book to tell their story. Taunt Me, the second part, comes out next month!

La Crimson Femme:  *Fist pump*  YAY!  Thank you for dropping by and sharing.  Can’t wait to read this new series.


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