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BachiBachi by Keiko Alvarez

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Where is the rest of this story?  Julio and his twin, Jorge, are contract killers.  They take a contract and fulfill it.  Jorge seems to be the one who can keep it all business.  Julio tends to mix business with pleasure as he falls for women that are sometimes his hits.

For those used to Ms. Alvarez's writing style, this one will make sense.  For those who like a meaty plot development, this will not be for you.  The plot here is barely developed.  The sex on the other hand is explicitly  written and it is hawt and dirty.  For those who enjoy steamy erotica, Yuki and Julio burn up the sheets.  For those who enjoy dub-con, Yuki definitely takes it in the ass when her thug lover, Emilio decides to turn her into a professional porn star.

Why do I like these books?  When Ms. Alvarez uses a contemporary setting, the stories are gritty.  There are no happy endings and she shows the darker side of life.  She doesn't sanitize or present perfect characters.  There are no rosy coloured glasses to view the unsavory characters.  The way she dances between what is acceptable and not acceptable is what fascinates me.  She is blasé about killing.  The sex is unadulterated. I can visualize her stories as shows on Cinemax.  The show would be titled, "The erotic musings of a depraved mind".  This tale would be the episode: The Killer's lover.  Maybe Ms. Alvarez will grace us with a follow up story on Jorge.  Doubtful because Ms. Alvarez is a serial one-night stand author.  She only seems to write standalones.  This erotic tale is for those who enjoy killers, porn and violence.

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Keiko Alvarez said…
Your reviews kill me (pardon the pun).

If you like "This erotic tale is for those who enjoy killers, porn and violence" then I suggest you follow this link. It will give you that and then some!

Thanks again for a great review.

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