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Bash, Volume I by Candace Blevins

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

WHERE IS THE REST OF THIS STORY?  *Fist shakes at Candace*  This is a bloody cock teaser of a book. When Ms. Blevins shared the third character featured in the Rolling Thunder series would be Bash, I was confused.

Who wants to read about Bash?  After his completely disgusting stunts in Brain, I wanted to bash Bash's brains in.  Even at the end of Brain, Bash didn't impress me.  I still wanted to kick his ass from here to Timbuktu.  Then the arc comes and it is not one book but THREE books.  Seriously, how much can be written about this asshat?  Apparently, a lot.

We kick off the book 8 years in the past when Bash was a wet behind the ears little prospect.  His introduction to the motorcycle club is a bit rough with Atlanta President, Bud, but it's okay.  He gets to be Bud's daughter - Angelica's bitch boy bodyguard.  His relationship with Angel is quickly reset and they slowly become friends.  Fast forward to current times, Angel is no longer the slightly spoiled sixteen year old.  Master degree in hand and a MIT graduate, she is ready to start her first job.  Angel returns to the South but this time, in Tennessee. 

Bash is an anti-hero and I really enjoyed learning more about him.  His interactions with Angel are funny, erotic and endearing.  This book made me change my mind about Bash.  I'm also getting to know Angel who is another kick ass female.  She shares many traits with Ms. Blevins' other female characters.  I liked her.  I like her independence.  I like her slightly princess attitude.  I like how she can separate her relationship from her "family" of motorcycle men.  What I really liked was her learning about kink and finding out she enjoys it. 

I thought I'd only read 1 chapter then in the wee hours of the morning, I finished the book.  This is a page turner and when it gets to the end, I'm shocked.  Shocked not because of what is going on or that it is a cliff hanger.  Shocked because I can't believe the book is done and I have to wait another month before the second part is available.

The BDSM in this book is very light for Ms. Blevins.  It's a nice little erotic element to help enhance the book.  I wonder where this will go and look forward to seeing Angel's journey into kink.  Will she be more into SM or more into D/s?  Based on her personality and Ms. Blevins' kink preference, I'm thinking SM with a smidgen of D/s due to the wolf tie in.  Speaking of wolf...mmm, nice primal sex.  Wow, when that happened, my jaw dropped and my hand ventured down "south".

This book is appalling short.  I can't wait to read the next.  Whilst I wait, I will be re-reading this again which is why it is a 5 star for me.  Recommended for kinky readers who like an anti-hero falling for a greasy monkey princess.

*I received an advanced copy.  No review requested, I gave one anyway.

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