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Blade Dance (Cold Iron, #4)
dangerous element is what makes this volatile relationship attractive  @d_l_mcdermott #bookreview 

Blade Dance by D.L. McDermott

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Eating crow is not something a Fae lord enjoys.  When Fae Finn MacUmhaill becomes entangled with human Ann Phillips, he receives more than he bargains for and it is bittersweet.  Finn is at odds with many of his followers as well as estranged from his beloved son.  Most of this is because he doesn't believe Fae and humans should breed together.  Half breeds are treated with contempt and most Fae have good reason to do so.  Their Queen is a psychopathic serial killer who sexually defiles all half breeds.  How could any Fae want a child of theirs to be in this situation?

When Ann Phillips manages to stand up to Finn, no one is more surprised than Finn.  Finn has long carried a torch for his dead wife who seems to be the only sane female Fae.  There is something about Ann which sparks Finn back into life.  It seems as if Finn has been in a dream state and just wakes up.  The dynamic between Finn and Ann is erotic and just a little sinister.  This dangerous element is what makes this volatile relationship attractive.  I liked both Ann and Finn.  Finn's the antihero who doesn't want to do the right thing but he ends up doing it anyway.  Ann is the social conscience who helps those around her understand the importance of choosing to do right.  The conflicting forces of Finn's world and Ann's idealism is a powder keg ready to explode.  I enjoyed every second of it.

This latest book in the series moves the plot quite a bit more which is satisfy.  The pace is fast.  The desperation and dread of the Queen's return can be felt throughout the existing fae.  With the fear the Queen strikes, one would hypothesize all the fae on Earth would want to ally together and prevent her return.  It's interesting to see how there is no black and white in this world.  Ms. McDermot creates a rich world with so many shades of grey, it's hard to hate anyone, even the evil Prince Consort.  This paranormal romance is recommended to fae lovers who like the edge of the sword for a kiss.

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