Review: Blue Skies on Fire

Blue Skies on Fire (Shifting Crossroads, #32)Blue Skies on Fire by Zenina Masters
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Teebie is a vivacious host at Crossroads. Her hospitality is legendary. As a djinn, she is able to more with magic than most. It comes as a surprise how this side of Teebie is only a couple of decades new. Due to her gorgeous blue skin, she avoids humans. She can not be in the human world because she is unable to blend in. With the tragic past of her grandparents and what happens when djinns are bound, Teebie is not going to take that risk. Safe in Crossroads does have it's drawbacks. What male would be willing to give up live in the human world to live in a magical place where food is plentiful. A place where love abounds and there is no judgment of a person's supernatural nature.

Hold up. What exactly is Teebie's problem? It is odd how all the things which I consider to be amazing and advantages to be a disadvantage. It is all perception, isn't it? Fortuantely for Teebie, her mate thinks like I do. Andor is a mythical shifter raised by an ice fae and dragon lord. He is no stranger to being different. After several centuries, his parents put their foot down and demand he find a mate. When Andor arrives at Crossroads, he is intrigued by a bolt of blue.

This romance is sweet and "sparkly". It is a predictable plot and it matters not. The feel good Ms. Masters infuses in each one of these romances is what draws a reader to be a devoted fan. As a devoted fan, this story is a long time coming. It also contains one of the my favourite types of animals so I'm pretty happy. What is interesting are the little bits of information Ms. Masters sprinkles throughout the romance. Where did Andor come from and will it ever be revealed? What happened to Teebie's relationship with her family? Why is it so strained? Ms. Masters does promise to have more of Teebie and aunt showing up in future stories. Future stories look very promising with more djinn, fae and water shifters! Can't wait to see what kind of animals Ms. Masters pickes for the water shifters. I have my list of ones I want to see. Let us see if we have similiar tastes. This paranormal romance is recommended to romantics who love their happily ever afters.

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