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The Demon's Librarian

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The Demon's Librarian by Lilith Saintcrow
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

How is it that there is no follow up book to this book?  From page one, I'm spellbound.  Francesca Barnes is a mousy looking librarian who loves her books.  Her library may not be the most modern, but it contains something special.  There is a hidden chamber with magic spells.  It's a laboratory which Francesca stumbles over.  This helps her greatly as she notices the things that go bump in the night are becoming more deadly.  With each spell she performs, she sees more of the paranormal world.  More of the monsters in the stories come alive for her to confront.  She needs hazard pay for these demon slayings.  Oh wait, she doesn't get paid.

Those who loved Buffy the Vampire slayer will enjoy this book.  Instead of a cheerleader, think of a female Giles kicking demon butt and picking up the slack for the Order.  The characters in this story are fun.  Francesca is cute and spunky.  Orion is like Angel.  He's part demon and kind of has a soul.  The world building includes a secret order run by men.  Thre exists a class system where half breeds are second class citizens.  Let's not even discuss the lack of standing women experience in this demon fighting world.  I like Francesca because she's smart and she breaks all the rules.  When the "authority" want to force her into their predetermined mold, she smashes it to pieces.  She is the underdog with powers.  She uses it responsibly and genuinely cares for others.

This book pulls the reader in and moves at a good pace.  As it picks up and more secrets are revealed, the climax hits hard and fast.  At the end of this book, I'm left shaking from the adrenaline rush.  Then I look around wondering, where is the rest of the story?  This seems to be a standalone book which is so frustrating.  It comes across similar to the Watcher Series.  One can only hope there is another book to this world.  Recommended to paranormal romance readers who like their librarians sexy and smart.

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