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Doctoring Lil' Daisy (Eden Series Book 3)Doctoring Lil' Daisy by Elsa Black

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Ageplay lovers, Ms. Black is back with a delicious tale of dub-con age regression.  Daisy is a kindhearted and gentle woman who wants to help people.  She's a nurse because of her desire to aid those who suffer.  When she crosses the line by helping an older couple who need medication they cannot afford, Daisy finds herself in worse trouble.  The law isn't interested in her intentions.  They are only focused on her breaking the law.

Daisy finds herself in a bind and doesn't know who to turn to for help.  She decides to give Dr. Grant Fullwood a ring.  She found him attractive when she worked with him years ago.  She never mustered up enough courage to date him.  Still, she feels he may be her own safe harbor.  Little did she know how much Grant wanted to be her protector.

The ageplay kink in this story is arousing, erotic and naughty.  To mix it up with a Daddy dom who is also a doctor, talk about panty wetting goodness.  Both Daisy and Grant are cute characters.  Daisy is easy to like and Grant is easy to admire.  The conflict in this story is two folds.  One is for Daisy to accept her sexual submission whilst being regressed to a child.  This may hit triggers for some people.  It feels so wrong yet feels so good.  Overthinking the morality or complexities of being a little, will end in conflicting emotions.  Just go with the flow.  The second conflict is a bit repetitive in this series.  A jealous helpmate who feels a little can never meet the needs of a dominant is becoming a recurring theme.  I understand it is used as a plot device to bring the Daddy and little girl together, I just wish another method was used instead.

This book still is rated highly because the erotic scenes are spank worthy.  The descriptions of the punishments as well as the rewards are well done.  Showing how the dynamic works and the relationships developed between littles is nicely done.  The scenes where littles get into trouble are always fun and delightful.  Recommended for ageplay lovers who wish their Daddy was also a doctor. 

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