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Emerald Keep (Persis Chronicles, #2)Emerald Keep by A. Catherine Noon
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Emerald Keep by A. Catherine Noon

3.5 Star

This is the second book in the series and it is probably best to read the first one. Full disclosure, I did not read the first book and was still fine reading the second. Based on context clues it is easy to figure out how the keeper, hunter and seekers relate.

The characters in this book are all likeable except for Teeka. For me, Teeka is annoying and childish. His lack of maturity and overall whiny personality is annoying. For the story to keep hammering home from all of Teeka's mentors and elders that Teeka is selfish, juvenile and inconsiderate, it became old fast. Quill is of more interest and I wish there is more about him. Quill's childhood is infinitely more interesting than pampered Teeka's child.

The world buildling is quite good. I loved how Ms. Noon blends a technological worlds with the Bedouin culture. This fascinated me as did the animals. My favourite in this book are the truffles. Great description and antics of these adorable animals makes me want a pair too. All of these helps drive the plot of why Teeka and Quill are targeted by a mysterious force. From a plot device, the resolution to the conflict is just odd for me. It feels as if Ms. Noon changed direction in the middle of the book and decided third book is necessary. I could care less about Teeka and his problems. I want to learn more about Quill and the man hunting him.

Hopefully another book will follow and feature Quill's powers and this new group of people. People who scare Quill and make him want to kill them all. Quill is a character who has more depth. He's a man to be admired. Learning more about Quill's powers and how he can be potentionally more is something I look forward to in the next book.

The sex in this book is just okay. Teeka and Quill like to play around the bath. It can be erotic, but since I didn't like Teeka, none of the sex scenes did anything for me. Most of them were bland and too vanilla for me. From a romance perspective it is sweet manlove.

This book is recommended to those who enjoy a world that seems to live simplier and blends technology in the background.

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