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Grimm's End (Grimm's Circle)
Forgiveness at the darkest hour - you ar not forsaken @shilohwalker #bookreview
Grimm's End by Shiloh Walker

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

The ending of Grimm Series is dark, desolate, violent and fitting.  The very first Grimm's history is finally fully revealed.  This story makes more sense if all the previous books are read first.  Even reading the first four books would help.  Will is the first Grimm and readers find out why and how.  Will may be his name now, but his original name was different.  It did not take me long to figure it out.  When it is confirmed, I'm mixed because I always felt this character was painted in a particularly bad light.  There are always two sides to a story and only one side has ever been shared.  In this one, we get to see a different perspective.

Most of the Grimm stories work with fairy tale characters.  In this one, Ms. Walker changes it a bit.  Or perhaps she believes the character Will is based on to be a fairy tale.  This is a thought to ponder.  For me, I am of a different belief and find this reinterpretation of early sin to be clever and well done.

Ms. Walker does a nice job of tying off all lose ends.  Explaining how demons cross over and why it started brings this series to a satisfying closure.  The suffering is both emotional and physical and spans over many years.  Fortunately, the pace of this story isn't as slow.  Instead, time is condensed in a manner which works out well.  Readers easily slip from one timeline to another.  This makes the story feel more tightly written. 

At the heart of this gritty depressing book, is the message of redemption.  It's also lovingly surrounded by forgiveness.  Sometimes we are the hardest on ourselves.  No matter how others try to convince us otherwise, we still want to pay for our sins.  And sometimes, even after blood debt is paid, we feel it is not enough.  For reader who can empathize, Will's purgatory will hit home.  This moving conclusion is recommended for paranormal readers who still cling to hope even in the darkest hour. 

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