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Obsession by Design (The Weathermen Book 2)Obsession by Design by Ravenna Tate

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Finding a job in post Tommy Twister world is not easy. When Liane finds her dream job working for powerful Emmett Radcliffe, she is over the moon. She starts her job thinking she must be designing only to find out it's her coding skills which Emmett wants most. Or is it? Emmett quickly also expresses his sexual desires for Liane. Will Liane be able to mix business with pleasure? Why not? Life could end tomorrow.

Ms. Tate kicks the sex up a notch in the second book in the Weathermen Series. The sexual tension between Liane and Emmett is spiced up with their mutual enjoyment of kink. For those who enjoy a little bit of kinky bedroom play, this story will work for you. The sex scenes are a nice break between the race to figure out the people behind The Madeline Project. Honestly, I read this series not for the sex but for the storyline.

The plot in this story is moved forward just a tiny bit. With four good friends working together, a reader would expect the plot to move a bit faster. Because, isn't this about halfway through? There are only two books left to determine who is causing these terrible problems Earthside and why.

What I like about this story is how the underground world is built out. Ms. Tate does a decent job of creating a speculative world if humans are to live beneath the surface. The little descriptions of how air flows and simulated light all add to this world and make it come alive. This world is not perfect as crime can still be an issue. This makes life in the story familiar and easy to visualize.

This second book in the series keeps my interest and makes me want to read the next book immediately. Recommended for romance readers who enjoy speculative fiction and rich alpha males.

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