Review: The Price Of Secrecy

The Price Of Secrecy (The Weathermen #3)The Price Of Secrecy by Ravenna Tate

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Hiding from the mob after the world nearly comes to an end makes this new world seem not too different. Angela Davidson possesses the skills Greco Communication is seeking. Thrilled to have an interview with the head honcho, Dominic Greco, she comes out of the interview perplexed. She wants the job but she doesn't want to be involved with her new boss. Dominic comes on strong, wanting her for a sexual playmate. Angela folds a little too easily to Dominic's charm.

For those who thought this series ends at 4 books, fear no more. It appears this will continue on so I'm a bit relieved with the yet again slow pace of the plot development. It feels as if the Weathermen are getting nowhere. Another in this exclusive club of crime fighter is hit by Eros's arrow.

The romance part of this story moved very fast. Dominic is hesitant with relationships because he's been burned and because he's been hiding from his family. This is something he has in common with Angela. They are both trying to keep their past from impacting their future. Still, Angela is swept off her feet and right into Dominic's bed. This is the only story so far where I felt discomfort with the boss and employee relationship. It's not that I'm against it. It's because Angela seemed to be so worried about it that I too felt unease.

The conflict in this story gives a Married to the Mob vibe. For those who enjoy stories where a man comes from a bad family but wants to escape it, this is the story for you. Dominic is admirable if a bit of a control freak. Many of his problems are because he won't communicate effectively with Angela. Although one can't blame him with how he's had issues with previous lovers. Ms. Tate does a nice job of setting up the conflict, creating the tension and then resolving the issue. The resolution is a bit too pat, but it still works. What is frustrating is how little progress is made on the stopping the Madeline Project. A reader may start to wonder if these women are thrown at the men to distract them from ever accomplishing their goals. For the love of God, please have some kind of discovery about the evil organization behind the Madeline Project!

This romance is recommended for those who love an alpha man protecting his woman.

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