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Stripes of Fury (Shifting Crossroads, #31)Stripes of Fury by Zenina Masters

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Animals who run in herds need the community to feel accepted.  Nika and her mother are exiled from their herd because of Nika's father.  It's not the fact that her father can't keep his dick in his pants.  It's because he's fey and passed down powers to make Nika different.  Not only is she a zebra instead of a horse, her colouring is unique, she reeks of magic and her mother gave birth in her shifted form.  All of these make Nika and her mother outcasts.

Bring on the bestiality!  Or not.  There is no graphic description of horses getting it on.  To remain dignified, no horse cock jokes will be mentioned either.  Nika is a dutiful and loving daughter.  Her character is admirable and easy to like.  Ms. Masters creates such wonderful characters.  Nika, her father and mother are all interesting because they are not perfect.  They do the best they can and sometimes, it almost seems as if they work against themselves.  This story pulls the heart strings a bit, not because of Nika thinking she will never have a soulmate.  It is because of her mother and father's relationship and what they have lost. 

When Nika is tricked into going to the Crossroads, the last thing she wants is a dysfunctional relationship like her parents.  When Markkios expresses interest in her and begins the courting, it's easy to see why Nika is hesitant.  This story moves in a nice smooth gait.  There are no surprise - just a sweet romance with likable characters.  Recommended for paranormal romance lovers who enjoy unlikely matches.

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