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Submission (Submit for Redemption, #1)for dark erotic readers who enjoy non-con, torture and taboo situations @KSparrowAuthor #BDSM #Bookreview
Submission by Kathryn Sparrow

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Consensual non-consent is becoming more and more popular in BDSM dark tales. In SUBMISSION, Army Ranger Captain Everett is a lost soul who seeks redemption through physical punishment. Unfortunately for him, the combination of his masochistic tendencies and rock hard body attract the wrong kind of attention. Searching for a way to satiate his need for self-flagellation, Everett ends up in a seedy BDSM leather club. Unbeknownst to Everett, Phineas Bainbridge already scoped out Everett and wants to turn him into his pet gimp. Perhaps even sell the naïve heterosexual Everett as a sex slave.

For those seeking for a sweet m/m kinky BDSM romance, this is not the book for you. For those who enjoy consensual rape and enjoy it one step further to non-con straight up, this is the book for you. This book is filled with conspiracies, rich men with god-complexes and sexual deviance. It's a dark gritty book which at times pulls in multiple directions. Is it a book about a man looking for redemption? Or is it a spoiled powerful playboy getting his rocks off sexually torturing heterosexual men? Or is it a crime thriller?

From a plot and story building perspective, this book is murky and hard to read. It's jarring at times with sudden change in scenes. It's disjointed when transitioning between Phineas's developing relationship with Everett, and Phineas's business. The characters are a bit shallow. There isn't anyone in here who is admirable or likeable. Even Everett is a bit troublesome when it comes to liking him. He isn't the golden all-American hero. He comes across more like a whipped puppy desperately looking for a loving master to hold his leash. His childhood experiences with his father and brother only make him come across more pathetic. He isn't a survivor; he's a victim just trying to get through life.

The BDSM in this book is dark, nasty and guiltily arousing. Forcing a heterosexual man into accepting m/m sex is a theme which is thoroughly enjoyable for me. The turmoil a man goes through when taking a dick up the ass or begging to suck a cock when he prefers women just flat out arouses me. The rope bondage and the beatings are heavily in the SM fantasy side. The interrogation scenes and the defilement of a young boy are all non-con and not to be repeated in real life, even if it does happen in the real human trafficking world.

From a spank bank view, this book definitely does it. The sex scenes are well described and filled with debauchery. Even the sadistic tortures are done just right for a non-con masturbation session. None of this is kinky romance. Most of it is sick twisted fantasies of a sexual sociopath, which makes it that much more wrongfully erotic. What may be disturbing for some is that this story does try to be a romance between Phineas and Everett. It may be a train wreck to witness but it will be a thrilling ride as Everett's ass is ridden hard.

This book is recommended for dark erotic readers who enjoy non-con, torture and taboo situations.

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