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Sweetest Treat (Cursed #1)Sweetest Treat by A.R. Von

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Melt in her mouth Having a sweet tooth may be the unraveling of Meesh.  In this fairy tale retold of Hansel and Gretel, Mitch and Meesh triumph over the evil witch.  Before they did away with the witch, she laid a curse which they cannot break.  Fortunately, Meesh and Mitch survive and find their uncle.  He takes them in and raises them as his own.

All grown up now, Meesh and her brother, Mitch are still estranged from their parents.  Meesh is independent and enjoying life when a new Sweet store opens up right by her.  Unable to resist the temptation, Meesh visits day after day for her daily samples and treats.  When she meets the owner, Dru, things become sticky. 

This story moves at a fast pace.  It's easy to follow and the characters are one-dimensional.  The world building is thin and leaves several threads hanging.  There are no plot twists.  The romance between Meesh and Dru follow a predictable path and the conflict is left at the end of the book with a cliff hanger.  This reinterpretation works because most readers know the original tale.  There is no need to elaborate too much about Meesh and Mitch's parents.  Still, it would be nice to find out what happened.  It would also be nice to see what happens with Dru's reveal about his family to Meesh.

The sex in this story is candy coated with a pricne charming character type and an innocent princess.  The romance is lightening quick.  Dru may want this love at first scent to move fast; Meesh is a bit less impulsive even if she lusts after Dru.  This fairy tale retold is recommended for those who enjoy speedy courtships.

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